December 2010

Don Alex

It’s a dirty managerial business out there. You better be tough. Watch your step. Trust no-one, and, if need be, call dad.

Transfer market. The morning after

under the new fair play, football will have to follow its cousins from the American sport: no more geniuses with gut feelings, but numerical wizards. welcome to football


Saturday’s round up: Christmas gives us a great chance to look outside the Christian world of football.

Human capital spent. On Chelsea’s demise

Following Arsenal-Chelsea:
With a lack of sound organizational structure, Chelsea always relied on superior squads. And this squad is spent


Arsenal and Chelsea clash in North London. Soccer Issue’s pre-game poem

Shut Up and Play

Christmas is upon us. A time for defeatist nonsense like calls for a winter break

Uruguay – Football Nation 2010

Soccerissue picks the football nation of 2010. And it’s not Spain…

Some things are worse than defeat

They say that what doesn’t kill you, make you stronger. But this postponed game is killing me

Animal Winters and a Cute Girl

Saturday’s round up: Footballers in bizarre commercials, the best supporters, lsat round before the winter break

What Bosman did and what Bosman didn’t

Bosman created the modern Uber-Defender. But possibly delayed Tiki-Taka for almost a decade

Another War in the Middle East

football tube – Saturday December 11th

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