January 2011

It’s Over

The Transfer market, closing tonight, helped Inter Milan to keep pace in Italy. It seems that nothing can help Real Madrid in the Spanish league, and an injury to Arsenal’s superstar may cap the team chances for any title.
And a Playboy bunny is taking over a club in Poland (and this is not the funniest thing in this video post)

A Routine Football Week

Barcelona keeps shattering the record books, Manchester United keeps reminding us of 1999, Ibrahimovic keeps scoring, and European clubs keep ignoring Japanese superstars

Football Rules (On the protests in Egypt)

Dictators have often treated football with fear. Why? Because the game represents all the virtues those regimes are afraid of.
A look into the relationship between football and dictatorships, as the ultras of Cairo’s sports clubs are marching in the front lines of the protests against Egypt’s regime.

A Poor Man’s Style

One of Barcelona’s great contributions to the pass and move style may be simple. Being rich!

Keeping the Balance

According to a French philosopher operating from London, no team should get any credit for its championships or football prowess, unless that success is certified by an accountant

No Tiki Taka. Tic-Tac-Toe!

Aged 37, Giggs produces the most sublime single move of his career

We don’t miss you, but when are you coming back?

The Italian football is competing only with the country’s Prime Minister when it comes to negative image. In order to change it, clubs must treat their fans as partners, not enemies

When Football is Quiet, the Idiots are Making Noise

In this week’s second installment of video post, we will give you the pleasure to choose from a fine selection of football related idiots, some strippers, a model who drove Samuel Eto’o crazy. Thanks God we have Zlatan Ibrahimovich as a constant feature

How to win and stay a loser

Borussia Dortmund will win the Bundesliga championship this year, but it doesn’t mean the club, or its fans, is a winner. As their souls were crashed by the German government decision to erase the coal mines from their region, football is offering the Dortmund fans a meditation of winning and losing

A Time of Hope

Hope is the theme of this weekend. Liverpool reignited its hope, Manchester United rips off more dividends for not losing its hope in a player, Dortmund gave some hope to its chasers, and in Rwanda, football brought back hope for better future

City are a massive squad

The difference between City’s spend-and-hope policy and United’s team mentality was never more evident

Do The Right Thing, Not Things Right

What Cesc Fabregas needs to do in order to become the unquestionable leader of Arsenal? Sometimes, he will have to go against his boss nature, and just do something wrong

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