February 2011

What have you done for Bosman?

It is the time for today’s footballers to pay back a little bit to the player who allowed them to earn so much

Glück Auf!

Bayern Munich had dominated almost every facet of its game against Dortmund, but Dortmund fought courageously and won the only stat that really counts: goals

The sad truth about Arsenal

There is a lot to be proud of if you are an Arsenal fan, but until the team will adopt certain British characteristics, the taste of victory will keep fading away

It’s time to start winning

Arsenal doesn’t only have a chance to win a trophy today and break a six-year spell, but it can also mark the beginning of a new era

The Mexicutioner

Premier League pressure? Chicharito thrives under the expectations of 112-million football-crazed Mexicans

What does Gaddafi’s demise have to do with the Premier League?

The Premier League should learn from the Gaddafi affair. It’s blind eye to dirty international money can lead to disgrace

Nuremberg. Yes, Nuremberg

Nuremberg is the Bundesliga’s surprise package. And if Bayern won’t win tomorrow, it will have to settle for the Champions League title

Bend it like Wenger

Arsenal fans should be juvenated. Wenger can change his ways. all it took was one miserable figure in the annual report

The times they are changing

Jean-Paul Sartre could not have found a better example for his relations between past and future than today’s clash between Inter and Bayern

Unfair Play

F.C. Copenhagen, facing Chelsea tonight in the Champions League, doesn’t get any extra credit for running its football business the right way


In this week’s first installment of video post: many players were using their head to score goals this past weekend, Bayern Munich is owned by one man, Jose Mourinho has reached an amazing milestone, and Chelsea is going bankrupt. And also: the world’s dirtiest player

Why Should We sell it for Less?

UEFA does not see itself as guardian or caretaker of the game anymore. UEFA owns it

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