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For years now, under the mantra of its manager, according to which the team builds superstars instead of buying them, Arsenal was downsized from a main actor in the Premiership to a supporting role. Now, it Needs to stop functioning just as an academy, and start claim what belongs to it

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Laurent Koscielny was called up last week by Laurent Blanc’s to join the French national team squad for the first time. Koscielny is yet another example of a relatively unknown who became an International player while playing for Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger, true to his mantra – “In Arsenal we make stars, we don’t buy them,”- is doing great service for international soccer for many years now, especially for France.

Wenger mantra has helped Arsenal make and save a lot of money, but it also turned the club into a supporting actress in a movie, the Premier League, that the club should be one of its main stars.

Arsenal is one of the biggest clubs in England and Europe as far as income, fan base, and tradition are concerned. Therefore Arsenal shouldn’t just make money like a bank or be a hothouse for internationals, but it needs to do some other things that will get it a title.

Koscielny might be a very good centre back that can push forward and even score goals at times. Johan Djourou is kind of the same, and Thomas Vermaelen is also from the same baking dish – They are all very similar and too nice to be playing defense for a contender.

They are not a brick wall like Nemanja Vidic is for Manchester United, and they are not even great gladiators like former Arsenal Tony Adams. Arsenal needs a centre back of this kind, preferably with John Terry’s leadership skills. An ugly, shouting, broken nosed centre back beast who will work with the nice ones, rough them up a little.

What else does Arsenal need? Bacary Sagna and Gael Clichy are fast and solid defenders, but they are they giving Arsenal enough width and options in attack and their crosses are not good enough to create scoring opportunities.

Clichy or Sagna are no Ashley Cole. So Wenger needs to get a better full back, maybe even two.

What about the midfield? In a 4-3-3 formation, Arsenal might be in the need for a better anchor than Alex Song. And it definitely needs a better player than Denilson to back up the position in case of an injury to Song.

When attacking Arsenal is blessed with talent, but sometimes it looks flat and out of ideas when moving the ball around the box. What Arsenal need in the frontline is a pattern breaker, a maverick who will sometimes make his teammates hate him because of his individuality, but will help the team by being able to dribble past two or three defenders and open up defenses.

In conclusion, Arsenal is a really nice team, full of internationals playing a pleasuring and attacking kind of football. However, being nice will not be sufficient to win the Premier League championship, and an Oscar for best supporting actress is just not good enough for a club of Arsenal’s size.

Therefore some stars should be bought and not made. Wenger knows it. Lately there are many reports flowing about Wenger looking at Mamadou Sakho (a beast); Gregory Van Der Wiel (a full back), and Eden Hazard (a maverick dribbler).

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  1. Ophir Zardok Shemer added these pithy words on February 12, 2011 | Permalink

    Nice article. In my opinion it is a mental thing, as long as Wenger (as brilliant football person he’s) there it won’t change. The mentality is to proof that it is possible to win the Premiership with what he has, however, to win the Premiership, as said in the article, they should bring a Supper Player.

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