March 2011

The numbers don’t add up

Utilizing first-grade arithmetics we reach the following conclusion: clubs are treating the Financial Fair Play rules as some kind of a joke

Wrong address

The Brazilians were quick to point fingers at the Tartan Army, accusing Scottish fans of racism. They should have known better

11 NBA and NFL players who should consider soccer

With work stoppage looming, which US athletes should consider a professional change?

This is a man’s world

After fighting racism and chauvinism, football should get rid of homophobia

I’d take a disliked captain any day

Maybe England should stop treating the captaincy issue as popularity contest

Great idea, Michel!

Michel Platini pledge to reorganize the scheduling of European football season is another step of the Frenchman to make himself one of the most influential UEFA presidents ever

Is Arsenal good Enough?

Maybe Arsenal has no mental problem? Maybe they are just not good enough?

On phones and other freaky inventions

United’s mastery of the latest technology proved a winner against Bolton

Democracy, the FIFA vesrion

The Bin Hammam challenge to Blatter is a joke. The talk of “democracy and transparency” grotesque. If it was only funny (and if the joke wasn’t on us , the fans)

First win, then raise the prices

The idea of Arsenal raising its season ticket-prices is an absurdity. No one should pay more to get his heart broken time and again

Champions League deserves better

The Champions League should be overhauled to reflect its quality of play. It should be played only in April and May. Here are some of the benefits for such changes

Football Darwinism

People should stop the argument that Jose Mourinho is “bad for football”. After all, without Mourinho Barcelona wouldn’t exists as it is today

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