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The patience warranty has wore itself off. Arsene Wenger led Arsenal as far as it can go with him as a manager. it's time for a new conductor

In Wenger We Trust?

After Arsenal had moved to its new stadium, Arsene Wenger asked for patience. Wenger got plenty of patience from his board and, more importantly, from the fans, while leading the team to an appearance in in every Champions League competition since, and posting profit at the end of every season.

But a football club is not a bank, and a club of Arsenal’s magnitude needs those trophies.

Wenger has failed in the delivery of winning trophies, mostly with his tactical mistakes and with his failures in building a team.

No club of Arsenal’s magnitude would let a coach continue his work after failing to deliver a trophy for five years. But the patience of Wenger is making it easy to know exactly what is not working with Arsenal, unlike Real Madrid, where nothing, it seems, is ever stays the same.

Wenger was given the opportunity to build a team in his shape from A to Z. Sometimes it looks great, but it always ends in futility. Arsenal is not a young team trying to shape itself  anymore, it is the product of Wenger’s vision. And this product is not good enough to win anything.

That’s the conclusion that anyone associated with Arsenal should reach: this team is not good enough. It’s not about the ref or the evil dirty cheating opponents – they might be an excuse, but the truth is that no Arsenal fan can trust this team.

Xavier Rivoire, Wenger’s official biographer, said to Newstalk that it’s time for Wenger to go. “He’s the reason Arsenal can’t go further. He has to go”.

I don’t know if  Wenger should go and who can replace him, but Arsenal should start thinking about the day after Wenger. It won’t make any sense staying on the same railway that he has put the club on. He might have taken it as far as he can already. From here, the forecast can be stepping in one place or derailment.

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