The numbers don’t add up

Utilizing first-grade arithmetics we reach the following conclusion: clubs are treating the Financial Fair Play rules as some kind of a joke

A few things don’t add up with Uefa’s Financial Fair Play plan. It seems clubs like Chelsea don’t give a damn  about it – recently purchasing two players for more than £75m and spreading stories that costly players like Neymar are on their way.

From the Manchester United direction there’s also a suggestion that the club will also be active in the summer transfer market. “We have certain targets in mind at the moment and two or three will be fulfilled,” Said Sir Alex Ferguson. Even after United’s parent company – Red Football Joint Venture – announced a loss of £108.9m this week, the club has put aside as much as £165m for transfers.

Napoli have also put together a war chest of €40m to spend on new players this summer. Barcelona, as usual, are talking up the purchase of Cesc Fabregas for more than €45m.

Meanwhile at Soccerex convention in Manchester UEFA has suggested that losses in European football in 2010 could rise as much as 50% from 2009 – when they totaled €1.2 billion

People in football are expressing concerns that UEFA won’t enforce FFP (Financial Fair Play).  At Soccerissue we feel it is an empty PR exercise.


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