April 2011

Racism in Football is just stupid

If heads of the French Federation approved racist policies they should go. For being horrible and for being losers

The Individual

An individual at heart, Ronaldo desired new challenges

There’s really nothing wrong with it

In a game where men are celebrating goals and wins with hugs and kisses, homosexuality shouldn’t be such a taboo

El Clasico – part 6

Real Madrid tactics turned against the team in the first leg against Barcelona

Video evidence anyone?

The red card may be justified for intent. But who is disgracing the sport?

Football ultrasound

European clubs invest in options for the future: toddler and unborn babies with good genes

If you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys

A new list hints that Arsenal is a disguised French team in the Premier League

From the mud and the dirt

From a game that was an embarrassment to the sport, Messi emerged

Video: End of an Era

How Barcelona ended Real’s era of total European dominance

Video: Scandinavian calm

A Danish coach responding to suggestions he may have to quit

The entertainers

Last night’s annihilation of Schalke by Manchester United, exposed how far the Bundesliga has fallen behind in the physical attributes of the game

Who can replace Arsene Wenger?

Arsene Wenger shoes are so huge, it will take two men to replace him and stir Arsenal back into Successful Lane

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