Who can replace Arsene Wenger?

Arsene Wenger shoes are so huge, it will take two men to replace him and stir Arsenal back into Successful Lane


Arsene Wenger has been the strategist that brought Arsenal to where it is today – one of the best teams in England and Europe. His overall planning and vision helped the club reach that step. Now, in many ways, Arsenal lacks the ability to climb another step, to where it can really compete with the best for titles.

To become such a club – a new strategy should be adopted.

Growing your own players and playing attractive football throughout the system is essential for the highest level of football. Lionel Messi once summarized the secret for Barcelona’s success by saying: “In Barcelona, from the juniors,  up, we are thinking first about playing the ball in attack and, when you’re summoned to play with the first team, you are not confused. This is the great strength of Barca, we are formed all in the same mold.”

However, in order to perform in “money time” – a club needs to spend the right amount of money on players who will fit the system and make the difference.

Arsenal might want to ponder employing a sporting director to do the strategic thinking and be responsible for the whole sporting structure, vision and interests of the club.

Wenger might not be the tactician needed to secure the objectives set by strategy. However, He is a great strategist, hence would make the perfect sporting director for any club – especially for Arsenal.

Liam Brady could also be a great sporting director for Arsenal, as he knows the club inside and out.

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Once the right sporting director (strategist) is chosen, the right coach  (tactician), who can lead the first team is also essential for a club.

That leaves the big question: Who can replace coach Wenger?

Any successful coach, from Jose Mourinho to Ottmar Hitzfeld can do well with Arsenal’s resources and current players plus a few changes – however, The Emirates’ faithful want to see a certain kind of football from the first team – and Arsenal youngsters are used to play flowing pass and move style of football. It’s also important for the Arsenal brand that the team will continue playing that kind of football.

So, for me, there are three nominees Arsenal should consider.

Barcelona’s Pep Guardiola – for obvious reasons; Porto’s Andre Villas-Boas because he ticks all the right boxes and his teams play “Arsenal kind of football”, and Owen Coyle, under whom Bolton is playing impressively. Moreover, Coyle also seems to have Alex Ferguson’s traits of stamina and determination to be Arsenal’s manager for the long haul.

In conclusion. Yes, Wenger is important for Arsenal – however, he could be replaced. Preferably, by two serious and professional men – who can turn Arsenal to a competitive outfit. He can also stay at the club – but for the sake of Arsenal’s great supporters, he must change.

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