If you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys

A new list hints that Arsenal is a disguised French team in the Premier League

Portuguese site futebolfinance.com has published the list of 100 Best Paid Footballers in the World.

Do they worth it? From the first ten earners, it could be said that only Fernando Torres (€10m a season in Chelsea); Kaka (€9m a season in Real Madrid) and Emmanuel Adebayor (€8.5m in Real Madrid – though he’s contracted to Manchester City) are overpaid considering their contribution to the team.

It’s safe to assume that most other players listed earn their paycheck. That’s because, as Simon Kuper said, in “football, wages pretty much determine success. The more a club pays its players, the more matches it will win”. It’s checked and verified.

Manchester City, who has 13 players on the list, still need to prove that they are worthy of their salaries (It will happen eventually as the team is a work in progress), but that’s only because they pay a premium that only they and Chelsea afford to pay – “having a Sugar daddy premium.” Aside from Chelsea and Manchester City, teams pay their top players according to their worth.

A nice American saying about salaries claims that “if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. It means that if you want a job to get done – pay up and get it done well.
It’s a sentiment that is understood around the world of football – with the exception of Arsenal. The 3rd most valuable football club in the world (according to Forbes) has only three players in the futebolfinance list – and no player in the top 20 best paid players in the world. Other teams in that category are Olympique Marseille and Olympique Lyon – which goes to show that if Arsenal would have played across the channel, it’d probably dominate the French league.

Problem is Arsenal are an English team facing clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea – all have lower income than Arsenal’s but have more players on the 100 best paid footballers list.

If Arsenal are to break the six-year trophy drought, the club should seriously consider breaking the rigid wage structure.


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  1. elad itzhaki added these pithy words on April 28, 2011 | Permalink

    Arsenal’s policy may be effective after the financial fair play regulations kick in. But still, more experienced players are needed in order to make that machine work. The club’s balance is on the plus side, maybe it’s time to open the checkbook and buy some pros. A good place to start would be the GK position. United laid eyes on at least 3 goalkeepers, why don’t we hear about Arsenal doing the same? We know they got the money, and they’ll have even more when Cesc returns to spain.

    And maybe, just maybe, it’s Wenger’s time to go.

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