Racism in Football is just stupid

If heads of the French Federation approved racist policies they should go. For being horrible and for being losers

Anti-racism poster in France. "Hands off my friend.

Racism is a horrible thing. In sports it’s just plain stupid.

When legendary Boston Celtics’ coach, Red Auerbach made Earl Lloyd the first African-American to play in the National Basketball Association – he did not do it for humanitarian reasons. No – Auerbach wanted to win and he understood that expanding the pool from which he chooses his players will help him win And it did. His Celtics became the best team of all time.

A team that choses players from a pool of 30 people would probably be better than a team that is chosen from a pool of ten – it’s simple logic.

If Senior heads of France national team really approved a system to limit black players and those of North African origins – they badly hurt France’s chances to win. For that alone they need to get the sack.

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