May 2011

Scholes. Manchester United’s Guardiola?

Asthmatic, small, genius – he is joining the coaching staff. Can Paul Scholes be United’s Guardiola?

UEFA sells Champions League short

The Champions League needs to adopt the NFL format. Where every game counts

Take the World Cup away from FIFA

Governments and sponsors can’t reform FIFA. The big football nations should threaten FIFA with a breakaway World Cup.

The lessons

Barcelona exposed United’s failings. It is not in spirit or system. It is personnel

Messi, Barcelona

How Barcelona created a superstar for our time. How Messi has bridged Barcelona’s great conflict

Alex the avenger

Ferguson’s greatness is his ability to channel raw emotion into functional plans

What can one really learn from billionaires?

Are the lessons of Barcelona and Manchester United applicable to the wider football world?

Premier League v. La Liga. By the numbers

Life is a debate about taste. These are merely the facts

A decent right back

Neville’s testimonial cause sums up his career and character

Back to 4-4-2?

Amidst another disappointing game, there are some good news for Gunners. The classic Arsenal 4-4-2 is back

On George Best’s birthday

If Busby and Ferguson wrote sporting history. George Best gave United and football their iconic status in society

Good to have you back!

The first English fan-owned club is in the football league now

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