Arsenal PLC – Not FC

Arsenal has quickly adjusted itself to the corporate culture. Profit before fairness

Arsenal spat in the face of the fans

As I assumed earlier this season, Arsenal PLC has raised ticket prices by about 6.5%  - 4% actual raise in addition to %2.5 VAT brought in by the Government earlier this year. Arsenal fans already pay the highest ticket prices in Europe and probably in the whole world of sports.

Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis explained that: “We fully understand fans are facing rising costs in many areas of their lives and their club faces the same issues BLA BLA BLA, BLA BLA BLA – we compete at the highest level and we will continue to do so.”

The raise should add about £5m to Arsenal’s turnover, a figure that could be raised by selling Denilson, a player who obviously can’t compete in the highest level, to Malaga.

The fans can digest unsuccessful seasons and understand a manager’s vision for a brighter future at expense of the present success – “Football is a game of tomorrows” as Sir Geoff Hurst once said. But raising ticket prices is hurting the fans without even cushioning the blow with a trophy.

The Arsenal board has proven it’s corporate instinct. Raising the prices to keep the turnover healthy and f…ing the customers while at it. Just like most corporate businesses. Profit before fans. Profit before fairness.

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