Club owners – you are fired!

The worse performing people in the Premier League are not managers or players but team owners. Isn't it time they got the sack?

The Premier League’s 20 clubs collectively lost close to half a billion pounds last year. Despite making record income.  The numbers appear in The Guardian. An educated guess is that the numbers aren’t going to be any better in the coming season.

When 16 out of 20 teams are losing money then something isn’t working. It means the businessmen are  doing badly.

When a CEO or a chief executive is not able to prevent his company from losing money, then he usually gets fired. But not in the benefactor model of the Premier League. Club owners, who entered the business for varied  interests, often ego, are responsible for losses.

It’s time for the real owners of the clubs, the fans, to fire them.



  1. Mistrollingin added these pithy words on May 19, 2011 | Permalink

    Will fans of Man City who have now actually seen their team win something and qualify for the Not Champion’s League really want to sack their owners?
    Have the Man City owners done so badly? They have certainly wasted a lot of money achieving what they have but if it is their money is that anyone else’s problem?
    I agree with your sentiments, truly I do, and have plenty of disenchantment with football but if the losses are genuinely being covered by the rich benefactors is it as scandalous as you say?

  2. ouriel added these pithy words on May 19, 2011 | Permalink

    I think the benefactor model has not worked in most cases. When the sugar daddy leaves, the clubs go bust. It’s a shaky model

  3. Mistrollingin added these pithy words on May 19, 2011 | Permalink

    It can be a rubbish model and if an owner does that to a club they should be banned from ever being involved in football again, rather than being called “characters of the game”.
    Bills should be paid, external debts should be limited, clubs that are insolvent should lose their league status, fans should hold owners to account and owners should be properly vetted with guarantees put in place, rather than ushered in even if they reek of problems (like at Notts County where despite the smell the fans couldn’t wait to be billionaires).
    To date I would hold Nigel Doughty at Forest up as a good benefactor. He is a lifelong fan of the club (something he inherited from his father and has passed to his son), he pays the bills and he puts his own money in to support it. Many fans hate him because he isn’t winning enough and so claim he should be spending more but up to now he has done what he has done well and though it could be argued he hasn’t had a great return that’s the way football can go sometimes.
    What happens when he leaves will be the measure of his impact in the end but for the moment he is an example of the benefactor model working, at least financially.

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