June 2011

Women’s football need its own rules

Make football fit the women’s body better, then you’ll see their real class

The old and the young

I find it quite amazing that a manager almost 70 signs a goalkeeper almost 21

What if Rensenbrink scored?

In impossible conditions they reached the World Cup final. But even in their homeland they became second best losers

Arsenal – make a statement!

Arsenal should be looking to pay big bucks for huge players. Not bargain for players with “huge potential”

A small price to pay

Finally, a club realizing that managers are worth more than players. Would you believe it’s Chelsea?

Chelsea – an ugly sight

Roman Abramovich has turned Chelsea F.C into a microcosm of the capitalistic world

Not all managers should get compensated for getting the sack

Football is the only profession where you can kill a team and still get compensated for being fired

On footballers behaving badly

The latest Giggs and Messi scandals are not a moral decline. They are simply a technological development

AON makes a lot of money from Manchester United deal

Sponsorship – the ideal way to milk the rich!

Who should own Manchester United?

Manchester United is not Swansea or AFC Wimbledon. It is an international brand needing more professional management. It needs a progressive model involving fans, city and business interests

Kroenke – your billions are needed!

Arsenal may need of Stan’s billions in this summer’s activity. And Kroenke may be wise to invest

They are trying to kill the movement

Fans must save Supporters Direct. Don’t let the money men win

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