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The top 100 earners in world football. Its better to be old, English and playing upfield

What can we learn from analysis of the top 100 earners in world of football?

We’ll use this great visualization by @igotdamaged.

First of all: It’s good to be English.

Being from the country with the richest domestic league helps you reach that list. The most represented nation in the list is England. It’s not because England has the best players, oh no, it’s because local (rich) clubs need local heroes and local heroes come at a high cost.

Spain is in 2nd place in the number of players on the list. First, like in England, rich clubs need local players - Barcelona need their local heroes so they can boast about their academy. But also because, quite simply, Spanish players are World Champions.

France send the third biggest representation on the top 100 earners list. France has more players on the list than Argentina (4th), Italy (6th), Brazil (6th), Germany (7th), Holland (8th); Portugal (9th) and the Ivory Cost (10th). Those famous academies in Brittany, Burgundy et France create good players – though not necessarily a good team spirit.

Here’s a weird stat: Africa has only 6 representatives in the list from only 4 countries. Is it because Africans suffer from discrimination or is it because the African footballer, despite progress, is still not at the level of European footballer? Same could be asked about Asia – that has only one representative on the list despite being the most populated continent.

What else can we learn? Manchester City pay €76.4m to their top players on the list – which is more than Real Madrid (€75.5m) Barcelona (€54m) and Chelsea (€52.8m) pay their top talent. It’s also €28.5 more than what local rivals, Manchester United pay for the players that won the Premier League. Why? It’s called “Sugar Daddy premium”.

The average age of a 100 top earner is 29 years and 4 months – which shows that experience is more expensive than potential.

In a normal distribution of a game usually played in 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 formations we should have had 45 defenders and goalkeepers on the list. in reality we have only 25 – among them 6 goalkeepers.

The highest paid first team in the world looks pretty good (well, a team that earns €93m per year needs to look good) albeit unbalanced.

Iker Casillas is in goal; Dani Alves, Rio Ferdinand, John Terry and Ashley Cole in defence; Yaya Toure as holding midfielder; Leo Messi and Kaka as playmakers; Ribery and Cristiano Ronaldo on the wings; the striker is Fernando Torres – well, no team is perfect.


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