They are trying to kill the movement

Fans must save Supporters Direct. Don't let the money men win

Supporters Direct, which has promoted democratic fan involvement in football clubs for 11 years, is now facing a terminal threat to its existence. The Premier League funding of £1.2m was withdrawn and the organization’s ten staff members lost their jobs.

Since it was established in 2000, the organization helped form 180 supporters’ trusts with 270,000 members. It has helped saving about 50 football and rugby league clubs, that were led to the administration by “Sugar daddies” and the the benefactor model.
The withdrawal of support came after the organization celebrated the great success of AFC Wimbledon and Swansea City (20% owned by their supporters trust). Wimbledon was promoted to the football league, Swansea to the Premier League. Supporters Direct recently also helped the parliamentary inquiry into football in the UK – which exposed the flawed financial model of the Premier League.

Why has the funding is stopped?


The official reason is that Dave Boyle, SD’s chief executive, was swearing on Twitter. Pardon my French but this is bullshit. The funding is stopped because the owners of the Premier League are feeling that fans groups and supporters’ trusts are getting too powerful.

Now, fans must save Supporters Direct. Don’t let the money men win.

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  1. Mark Griffiths added these pithy words on June 12, 2011 | Permalink

    You’re spot on! Just linked to you in my blog on the funding fiasco here:

  2. Ouriel Daskal added these pithy words on June 12, 2011 | Permalink

    Thank you Mark Griffiths – you’ve been mentioned in our twitter account!/Soccerissue/status/79950210746425345

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