Kroenke – your billions are needed!

Arsenal may need of Stan's billions in this summer's activity. And Kroenke may be wise to invest

As we can see from the transfer activity this summer, Liverpool’s owners and Manchester United’s owners are willing to spend in order to get the players their managers want.

Both are Americans who are in the Premier League to make money. Stan Kroenke is also an American in the Premier League wanting to make some money. But so far he is  silent. He likes it that way. He has bought the club because of the its “sustainable model” and he probably won’t be writing any personal checks.

However, Arsenal needs Stan’s cash. The summer can end very badly for Arsenal without them.

Arsenal’s transfer budget may not be enough to get the players they need. Even before the possible departures of Cesc Fabregas , Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy  - all for cut down prices because their contract expires next summer.

Arsenal also needs to keep in mind that Robin Van Persie’s and Theo Walcott’s contracts expire in 2014. So far they are keeping their options open. Arsenal is at a crossroad. The club needs to make sure the team is strengthened and contending the title for real.

2014 is an important year for Arsenal’s brand. The year the two main sponsorship deals (with Nike and The Emirates) end and nobody likes to sign huge contracts with an unambitious club that can’t hold on to its stars.

It may be wise for Kroenke to invest his own money in the Arsenal squad. So Arsenal can get to the financial fair play age with enough stars and brand power to be one of greatest teams in Europe.

Without Kroenke’s money, Arsenal may lose important players and not be able to get proper replacements. It may lose it’s Champions League spot to challengers such as Tottenham or Liverpool.

Kroenke may need to lose money now, in order to profit in the future.

In other words: Alisher Usmanov has a point.

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