Chelsea – an ugly sight

Roman Abramovich has turned Chelsea F.C into a microcosm of the capitalistic world

Roman Abramovich tells the workers in his non-footballing business “there is no time for families”. Charming.

The oligarch hates losing, while failing to understand that in the world of professional sports, losing teaches you things that winning can’t. He is willing to do everything to not have his ego hurt by losses, and misses the educational point that defeats carry.

Abramovich keeps buying players to cure all his pains, without realizing that his best team was built by a manager unwilling to compromise on basic working conditions. He also fails to realize that his best team  was merged together before his years at the club. Around two young English stars John Terry and Frank Lampard.

Former Chelsea manager Felipe Scolari has revealed in an interview to “FourFourTwo” magazine that he has learnt that in a certain club “you can’t buy a player because he has a contract with A, B or C, a kit supplier or something else”. “Big Phil” has also said that the club is signing players based on “deception” for “absurd fees”. This summer, the club is also purchasing players without even having a manager.

Josh McEachran, Chelsea’s young English playmaker, is extremely talented. The next step in his development should be regular Premier League playing time – preferably at the club he grew up in. However, his team is reportedly trying to sign Luka Modric, who will surely cost many millions. The young academy product probably won’t get  the chances he should.

Roman Abramovich has turned Chelsea F.C into a microcosm of the capitalistic world. It’s a diseased club infected by short-termism, workaholism, consumerism, exploitation, commercialism and one billionaire’s massive ego, dictating where this club goes. It’s a very ugly sight.



  1. Collyns added these pithy words on June 20, 2011 | Permalink

    Big phil is a bitter man who absolutely failed at stamford is now a business,and one has to invest in it to realise the’s not only chelsea buying players,but it’s happening with other clubs all over the have to sow in order to reap,and roman is doing just that to keep his dreams alive.he wants to invest in the best players that can deliver.yes,there are so many great young talented players at chelsea but they need to be given chance to mature to fit in the massively talented chelsea squad.besides,there’s too much competition in the squad and trying to rush these young and raw player would be unfair indeed.

  2. Aviad Sherlag added these pithy words on June 20, 2011 | Permalink

    Chelsea submitted a bid for Luka Modric, they are also in negotiations with Anderlecht for the services of Romelo Lukaku and Genk for the services of Kevin de Bruyne. All that without having a manager. What happens if the new manager will not want these players? tough, his problem. Roman wants them. Is that the proper way to manage a football team?

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