A small price to pay

Finally, a club realizing that managers are worth more than players. Would you believe it's Chelsea?

Sometimes a mid a sea of madness an island rationality appears.

Chelsea have contributed more than others to inflated player prices in football. And more than any other club to undermine the position of the manager in the English game.

They were the club to sack their greatest manager, Jose Mourinho – their potential Alex Ferguson – to appoint the owner’s buddy. They just sacked a double winning manager to complete the mighty treble: Abramovich has sacked the winners of the Champions League, The Double and The World Cup in the space of three years. Now they have set a precedent. They have paid Porto 13.3 million pounds for the services of their brilliant young manager – Andre Villas-Boas.

I have always wondered why managers cost less than football players. They are way more important. How clubs go spending hundreds of millions on players before even appointing managers and then expecting some weak puppet head coach figure to instill discipline and fighting spirit in the team.

In other words, who is more likely to succeed: a 6-million pound Chicharito coached by Alex Ferguson or a 50-million pound Fernando Torres automatically picked to start because of his price tag?

It is yet to be seen if Villas-Boas will have the board room support needed for success. But at least one good message was sent out. In a dressing room full of egos created by inflated transfer fees, Villas Boas has some standing. He is the most expensive head coach in history. A small price to pay to re-install some managerial respect at Stamford Bridge.

This stuff counts at Chelsea.

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  1. hakeym added these pithy words on June 22, 2011 | Permalink

    Itz a great coach bt he ned board room support 2 achieve his goals

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