July 2011

Klinsi’s mission

Jurgen Klinsmann will need to find American soccer’s identity in order to make it as coach of the United States soccer team

The Pianist

This goal compilation was made for piano

Olympic Stadium legacy

In some places the Olympic stadium came to very good use

Forward thinking

Here are three football non-existent statistics that emphasize a player’s importance to the team

Does size matter?

Being a small nation has it’s advantages in international football

What are the values of players making the headlines

Which players are worth more than you think? Which ones worth a lot less?

Leagues’ squads valued – analysed

What do players’ values tell us about shift of power in European football

The mental knock-out

A late psychological blow in regular play almost always decided the penalty shootout

5 steps that will fix the Seleção

Five steps to fix the Selecao and take Brazil back to its glory days

The most heroic sports story of 2011

Sometimes athletes represent countries or communities in distress, without the problems directly effecting the sports people. This was not the case of the brave Nadeshiko

One-off players. Forlan and Messi

You can almost feel the belief building around Diego Forlan. Messi at Barcelona is evidently feeding on belief created by others

What do players’ value tells us about national teams

The value of national team squads can teach us about the merits of football education in different countries

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