Can broken man Wenger rebuild Arsenal

Can the defeated idealist be the the man to captain an ideological U-turn?


In what world does Arsene Wenger live?

The manager, who is going to lose Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas, said after selling Gael Clichy to Manchester City: ”I respect my contract because I have loyalty to the playersת so why should the players not respect theirs?”.

He added: “We have stood up for these young players so it is down to them to pay us back. Stay together and show that we can be successful together. Or, our bet was wrong.”

This sounds like a broken man. An idealist that saw his ideology totally debunked. It’s really sad.

However, he reaps what he sowed. He placed vast faith in young players grown by other clubs and brought to Arsenal for cheap. Some were successful like Cesc, some like Bendtner were less successful –  none of them were Arsenal through and through.

Wenger decided to place those young mercenaries next to relativity unknown and cheap (non English) professionals with no Premier League experience.

He hoped he could beat world beaters with this mixת and mostly failed.

For more than six years he tried to beat the system and failed. Everybody knew why it happens. But he wouldn’t listen, he stuck to his guns and wanted to prove everyone wrong. But he was wrong.

He was wrong because he failed to see what made his former great teams- a mix of great professionals, English presence and expensive geniuses.

The question now is can he change? Can Arsenal fans trust this broken man recuperate?

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  1. Oretee added these pithy words on July 5, 2011 | Permalink

    U wanna stay trophiless in ur entire footballing carrier??? Come on ,wake up frm ur slumber…if u dnt wnt to,United’s d answer…united faithfuls are expecting u…

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