Some rule changes required following the latest Tevez developments

Maybe Carlos Tevez should be forbidden from using cheap explanations for wishing to break his contract?

Article (1): A player may not be forced to sign a binding contract with a team based in England. Regardless of the reason of him not wanting to sign, including: the bad English food, the bad English weather, the bad Spanish spoken in England, the lack of life in people’s attitude, the Malvinas War, the Roman Wars or life long support for Nueva Chicago.

A player willing to sign for an English based club will be made aware of the suffering and tribulations of people like Cristiano Ronaldo and Cesc Fabregas who innocently signed for such teams.Furthermore, he will made aware of all major life style differences between the city in which his previous club was based and the city of the club wishing to sign him.

Article (2): A player earning 200,000 pounds sterling a week or more, may not sight life conditions as reason to break his contract.

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