5 steps that will fix the Seleção

Five steps to fix the Selecao and take Brazil back to its glory days

Five  steps that will take Brazil national team back to its glory days.

Play the same formation in all group ages

The merits of this practice are clear and give teams like Spain a huge advantage over teams like Brazil.

Play attacking football

Brazil should chose an attacking formation that will allow at least seven players to combine near the opposition box. No more tactical line ups with 3  defensive midfielders.

Get a top European coach

Guus Hiddink or Carlos Queiroz could inject some fresh ideas into Brazilian football. Brazil may be too proud to seek European help.

Play home games at home

Sounds trivial – but most of Brazil’s home games are played in London. That’s not the right way to prepare the team to the added pressure of a home World Cup. It’s not fair that the team is not playing in front of it’s people.

Don’t allow players to leave Brazil before they are 21

Many Brazilians leave their home too early and get lost in European systems that don’t really care about the Seleção. Keeping players at home until they are ripe until they mature will build a solid, young group of players that will create a basis for the National team. Brazil should announce that any player leaving at an earlier age, will not be picked for his country.

PS: and Argentina should do exactly the same.

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  1. uzico added these pithy words on July 19, 2011 | Permalink

    2- Brazil plays with 3 attackers and an ataccking midfielder, thats more offensive then most teams.

    4- Brazil does play at home since december 2010 and till the world cup.

    5- unconstitutional, would you tell that to european players?

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