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Here are three football non-existent statistics that emphasize a player's importance to the team


Here are three football non-existent statistics that emphasize a player’s importance to the team.

Pass completion is not a very important statistic because it doesn’t mean anything if a player completes 93% of his passes and all of them are  in his team’s half or 75% of them are passed sideways (think Denilson).

However, forward passing completion is a very important non-existent  statistic. This piece of data will show me exactly which players are taking the game to their opponents’ half, making things happen.

I would also like to see which players are connecting well with their teammates. Statistics like double pass completion (up to the rivals’ box and in the rivals’ box) can show me that.

Another statistic that nobody measures buy can show me which players are deep thinkers: Forward runs completion. What is that? Well, I think of something like runs with the ball towards rivals’ goal, that end in a successful shot, pass or in creating a set piece, a corner or a foul. Each run like that is a forward run completed.

So, I would like that this post will reach all sports data companies. Maybe my wish will come true.

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  1. Patrick Bailey added these pithy words on July 27, 2011 | Permalink

    Forward Pass completion rate is the only one that makes sense to me. I think this concept could be improved by weighting each pass by the angle between the direction of the pass and the direction of the goal. This way, crosses in the attacking third are still given a good weight.

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