July 2011

How much for the playmaker?

The evolution of football will turn the small creative players into the most important pieces in the puzzle. It’s not going to make their lives any easier

There’s nothing wrong with Messi

You can take the boy out of Barca but you can’t take the Barca out of the boy

History begins now

The Women’s World Cup get’s it’s first truly historical moment

Are you England in disguise?

Well, when you play your games in England you just may pick up some Englishness

Should doping be legal?

It’s quite clear that the fight against doping is lost so why even fight?

Tevez-nobela (chapter 682)

A summer tribute to the Argentine national pastime – the Telenobela

Some rule changes required following the latest Tevez developments

Maybe Carlos Tevez should be forbidden from using cheap explanations for wishing to break his contract?

Can broken man Wenger rebuild Arsenal

Can the defeated idealist be the the man to captain an ideological U-turn?

So why is International Football so horrible?

An overdose of international football leaves no time for rest and no time for training

Two different ball games

The differences between Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson could also be seen clearly in the summer

Social Mobility

Not surprising to see that all Tennis-Football families seems to follow same route: football first, Tennis next

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