August 2011

Did Arsenal change all of a sudden?!

No. Transfer market profit is still a priority for the club that now must spend BIG

Oh No! He said Holocaust!

Please spare us this righteous outrage

The Decathlete

With his endless set of skills Rooney upgrades each United department

This is the end

Wenger’s Arsenal is a zombie, waiting for someone to shoot in the head

Wenger is replaceable

It will take two to replace Wenger: Liam Brady and…

Brilliant attacking strategy from Manchester City

With a clear aggressive approach Manchester City clinically finished off Arsenal

The math is easy

Debt + weak local leagues + American team owners + Financial Fair Play + revulsion from FIFA = European Super League

Bureaucratize it. Don’t Modernize it

Maybe Platini’s extra officials can police Financial Fair Play too

Football n’ Roll

Rock n’ Roll bands and football teams have a lot in common

Old School Loser

Italian football NEEDS a patron. That’s exactly its problem

The fairly good, the good and the fucking good

With the risk of getting carried away: the Smalling-Jones partnership may change England’s fate in international football

A sport of liars

Don’t start the football before the transfer window closes. Not that it will help – only spare us this ugliness

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