Barcelona – proud and shameless

Whatever made Barcelona lose Cesc to Arsenal in the first place is happening again


For almost three years now, Cesc Fabregas has been under immense pressure to join Barcelona.  The pressure was applied by a cynical Barcelona management, his friends to the Spanish national teams and even by his father, a Barca Socio, who urged him to join his favorite club.

Cesc himself feels committed to the manager who brought him up and made him the player he is today“ Wenger. However, he is not Arsenal through and through and that’s why he will never be “fully committed” to the Arsenal, like the French manager suggests he will be if he’ll decide to stay.

I would like to focus now on Barcelona and its behavior as “more than a club”. Barca believe that Cesc is just on loan at Arsenal and that’s why people associated with the Catalan club feel free to say that “Cesc belongs to Barcelona” and “Cesc was kidnapped by Arsenal”. This is the famous hypocritical Barcelona working its “magic” all over again.

Cesc joined Arsenal because he felt that Barcelona is not the right place for him to develop as a player. At that time, the Catalan club was focused on investing in its  first squad, while dealing with huge debts. The academy was given less importance by the club, so Cesc left the club along with with another promising player – Gerard Pique.

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They forced him to put on Barca shirt. Who does that?!

More than five years have gone by, Barcelona is now focused on keeping hold of a great and expensive first team squad (costing more than 70% of its revenue) and adding to it the “right” players (like Cesc) for huge amounts of money, while dealing with 363m euros debt.

Meanwhile, the famous academy has suffered from the loss of 11 talented youngsters this summer alone. The players went on to join Atletico Madrid (Pol Busquets, Aitor Ruano); Arsenal (Hector Bellerin, Jon Miquel Toral); Villarreal (Pepe Palau); Juventus (Pol Garcia); Sampdoria (Mauro Icardi); Chelsea (Gael Etock); Tottenham (Cristian Ceballos); Lazio (Keita Balde) and even Real Madrid (Pol Roige).  These players have left because their path to the first squad is blocked and they have better chances of making it as professionals away from Barcelona.

My prediction is that in five years Barcelona will start claiming back “their players”. A hypocrite never changes.


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    They will claim back “their” players only if they succeed. Unlike Fran Merida.

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