Bureaucratize it. Don’t Modernize it

Maybe Platini's extra officials can police Financial Fair Play too

Πρωθυπουργός της Ελλάδας

At some point, when an Italian butcher elbowed Theo Walcott in the penalty box – no penalty, no red card – I came up with the following idea: maybe Michel Platini’s extra match officials should be looking after his Financial Fair Play rules too. They are equally effective as his UEFA bureaucrats.

If you think of it Platini attacks all of football’s problems with a similar strategy: bureaucracy. Extra officials behind the goal, extra paper work in Nyon.

Avoid the simple. Don’t use readily available HD video evidence. Don’t go for proper revenue sharing or giving impetus to player contracts. Hey, it works in America, so let’s avoid it.

Bureaucratize it. Don’t Modernize it.

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