September 2011

War of attrition

Barcelona’s football is the perfect embodiment of a bullfight. Physically and psychologically exhausting the opponent into surrender

Football should (also) learn from the MLB

A European “Super League” may actually be a blessing for local leagues. All they need to do is to cut all ties with the Super League clubs

So how has telly changed football?

Alex Ferguson says Television changed football. We explore how exactly

Ajax’s unfair challenge

Although the club from Amsterdam can’t keep hold of its best players, it must keep on doing what it does – just better

On Barcelona, Gorillas and other intelligent animals

Barcelona’s coach has a great advantage over any other opposing coach because everything is set up for him by years of good training

Messi and Fabregas. Education

Good partnerships can be created by two professionals but the earlier you get the kids into a system, the more learning they will do and the more powerful connection they will have

The prophecy. Garrincha

Arising from the ashes of Genocide and Slavery, Garrincha was more than a national icon. He was the fulfillment of a prophecy

Nani is not better than Ronaldo

Why? Because he is not Ronaldo

Mandatory Protection For Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers are more and more exposed to life threatening injuries

The ethics of the modern

André Villas-Boas seems to think that a bad offside decision is a good reason to injure opponents

Confidence Rules

It was United’s confidence that made a big difference in a very big game

Bad News / Good News

The days are Wenger’s last days at Arsenal

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