October 2011

Florian Albert. The Hungarian brief revival

The man who revived the Magical Magyars for brief golden moment

Football leaves FIFA behind

The future of football is fast and faster, strong and stronger, and filled with skilled professionals. Can FIFA keep up the pace?

The Dangers of Optimism

Arsenal showed character and beat Chelsea 5-3 in a memorable match but the warning sings are still on

Is speed overrated?

Football is a game you play with your brain

Are Barcelona boring?

It is important for “attacking football” to have a defensive answer for Barcelona’s system

Football’s real Fair Play problem

Football players are not natural cheats. It’s just that the laws of the game dictate that crime pays

Manchester City – An Ego bomb waiting to explode

Manchester City was built to excel but can it survive the internal feuds?

Just another (pretty horrible) day

Humiliating but not disgraceful. United fell victim of a perfect ambush

Why not Americanize the EPL?

A clear distinction between professional and amateur football is better for the sport

Football and English Football (and Arsenal)

Scientific evidence! English football is different

How to fix the match fixing problem

Here are a few suggestions to fight the huge threat to world’s football – the match fixing industry

11 NBA players who should consider switching to football

NBA players are jobless. Some of them, though, can star in European football

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