October 2011

Community is essential for success

Fans will invest more in their team if they feel that the team belongs to them

The Prophet of Nil-Nil

I wish Gianni Brera was alive to see the weekend results in Italian football (and somehow sorry I was)

The Sparta Effect

Small countries can still influence international competition

Excellence breeds excellence. Mediocrity sticks around

The only explanation for ongoing bad results in football is that the team is not good enough

Suicide in the light of day

Liverpool’s move to break up the Premier League TV deal is not only greed. It’s suicide

Every 4th yellow card should be red

Cheating has become a team concept. Punishment should reflect that

Can math win football games?

The data that will show who is a better team player is football’s Holy Grail

Less is more

Week of weak football isn’t a revolution. It’s just PR nonsense by UEFA

Messi, Maradona. Europe

Europe rejected Maradona and raised Leo Messi. But the latter will never be what his idol was for the homeland

5 steps to national team success

Patriotism is not an essential part of national team success. So, what steps a country must take in order to enjoy football success?

Murphy’s (new) Laws

On the TV front the Premier League and Sky are actually the winners of the Murphy decision. On the domestic front London clubs may be the losers

Who’s afraid of free content?

The ECJ ruling against the Premier League will force them to be more creative. It’s something they don’t like

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