Who Can Replace Wenger?

It would take two to do Wenger's job

L'EQUIPE's front page today

Arsene Wenger, in an interview with  L’Equipe magazine, has hinted that this may be his final season in charge of Arsenal.

Asked if the project he has put in place was a long-term one, Wenger replied, “No. For me we’re now talking short term, it’s obvious. But whether it’s with me or someone else, it changes nothing. My successor needs foundations on which he can be successful”.

In Wenger Arsenal got two for the price of one.

He was a sporting director and a coach.  The difference is that a coach needs to worry about next game and focus all his energies on that. A sporting director should have a grander vision for the club. Both should work together but some of their interests conflict, which, on some levels, is good for the dynamics of the club.

The coach always wants to improve the squad; the sporting director offers brakes and a different opinion. The coach works for the present and the sporting director has an eye for the future.

So, there are two answers to the question “Who can replace Wenger?”.

Arsenal need a sporting director. Liam Brady is an obvious candidate because of his experience and his Arsenal DNA.

Who can coach? There are a lot of great, offensive minded coaches out there:  some young, some more experienced – that can work well with Brady.

Here are a few that can fit:

The young: Paul Lambert or  Brendan Rodgers. Both talented, studious, thoughtful, sophisticated and are loved by their players because of great man management skills.

The Arsenal through and through: Steve Bould and Dennis Bergkamp. Bould, the under 18 manager, is highly rated at the club and the fans love him. Bergkamp’s appointment will also please the fans – however, he might prefer to join the club as an assistant manager. Anyhow, both understand what Arsenal are about.

The experienced ones: Jurgen Klopp, Martin O’Neill, Ralf  Rangnick, Carlo Ancelotti. All experienced and professional  enough to take over the club and take it forward.

The ultimate replacement : Pep Guardiola.

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  1. IsraGooner added these pithy words on November 19, 2011 | Permalink

    When Wenger is saying “My successor needs foundations on which he can be successful”, what he’s actually saying is “My successor needs MY foundations and therefore I will be the one to choose him”. And it would be some cloned crony of him…

    I fully agree we need a Director of Football but I can’t see it happenning. First, we need to see some board-level changes and I certainly don’t trust Kroenke, who does not understand English football, to make the right calls.

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