December 2011

Next year’s XI

We did the hard thing. Selected the team of 2012. And told you why

3 football questions to Mr. Wenger

There is no doubt his players are showing the right spirit and commitment but why isn’t he making life easier for them?

Great quotes about football. Sort of

These great writers, politicians and scientists had no idea they talked about football

The 10 most-read 2011 articles in Soccerissue

From things you can do with Qatar’s money to things that make Messi better than Ronaldo. Here are the posts you loved the most in 2011

The best of 2011

A month-by-month collection of 2011 biggest goals

7 reasons why dogs are better than footballers

From having an significant part in human evolution to enhancing humans’ physical and psychological well-being – dogs can do a lot of things footballers can’t

The Suarez affair. Racism is not a dangerous tackle

Racism should not be diminished to the level of a sporting offense, it should be punished severely but not by sporting implications

Why is the EPL against safe standing?

The English Premier League is saying: “We don’t want cheap tickets and great atmosphere in our football grounds”

Football’s Rising Stars of 2011 – value wise

Players’ values tell us a lot about 2011. What’s in store for 2012?

The Carrick issue

Ferguson should opt for Carrick’s maturity, not on his older legs

Cap it!

FFP is a toothless regulation. Football should find a way to install salary caps

Champions league is a commercial failure

If UEFA want to make more money on a competition that features the most loved brands in the world, they must think about adopting NFL’s model

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