The sweet rumor that was more than true

An advocate for the people, a mind blowing footballer, the great Socrates dies aged 57

Socrates was a vision from a different time. No youtube, So on the European side of the atlantic he was just sweet rumor. There is a guy out there in Brazil, a mind blowing footballer, never played youth football, he is named after a great philosopher and he is one himself. Not through clever quotes, but through deep care for the poor of his country. And then we saw him, in the world cup of 1982 and it was more than true. A bit like Zidane - but more rhythmic less commercial and he smoked.

I spoke to him once. A phone interview following Brazil’s World Cup win in 2002. He wasn’t too happy. He felt the football was a bit mechanical. But most of all he felt that football is not fulfilling it’s promise to the youngsters of Brazil that is still an unjust society. By now he was a Doctor – working for the underprivileged in Brazil. If Garrincha was the Joy of the people, Socrates was their cool advocate.

I find it a blessing he died in a Brazil that has gone a long way toward social justice since 2002.

RIP genius.

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