3 football questions to Mr. Wenger

There is no doubt his players are showing the right spirit and commitment but why isn't he making life easier for them?

Wenger - Cc


1. Why the back four?

Arsenal have no natural full backs due to injuries. It leaves Johan Johan Djourou as a very clumsy right back and Thomas Vermaelen, Arsenal’s best center back, as a reserved left back. Arsenal hardly get any attacking contribution from these improvised full backs. Is it not more reasonable to play with no full backs at all? The 3-1-4-2 formation is on the rise around the world, and Arsenal have the players that can give it a go. Why not then?

2. Chamakh and Arshavin. Why? 

According to @Orbinho: ”As a substitute, Andrey Arshavin has contributed one goal and no assists. In 2011, Marouane Chamakh has contributed one goal and two assists in 297 minutes”. Why not use other players as first and second substitutes? Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been a lot more impressive than Arshavin and surely Ju-Young Park can’t be as absent-minded as Chamakh.

 3. Where is the pressing? 

“Without the ball we are a disastrous team, a horrible team, so we need the ball.” That’s something Pep Guardiola said. It is a sentence that could equally be used of Arsenal. Why aren’t Arsenal pressuring higher up the field? Barcelona are much better at regaining possession than Arsenal – if Arsenal want to play more like Barcelona, they need to press closer to the opponents’ box. Why isn’t happening more often?


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