December 2011

Not a career summary

Fletcher has beaten bad luck once. He may do it again

This Decade’s best 11

Who are going to be the best 11 of the current decade (2010-2020)?


Final thought on Real-Barca: The differences were nothing to do with quality or commitment. The El Clasico was decided by attitude to life

Tactics fade, style is eternal

If Real Madrid really want to catch up with Barcelona, they need to find their style and implement it in all age groups

Escape From Reality

El Clasico is a game between two Gulivers in the land of poor lilliputs

Five things Manchester United should do now

Out of the Champions League, delicate league position, captain Vidic out for the season – Manchester United should react with purpose

Handicapping the mouse against the elephant

Do you know of any other 53-nation competition – where only 2-4 nations have a realistic hope of winning it?

Xavi should win the FIFA Ballon d’Or

He might not be a movie star, but without him there would be no movie

Serie A got the kiss of life

The collective TV deals injected life into the dying Serie A. It’s a great lesson in how closing the gap between the rich and the poor helps the entire economy

The sweet rumor that was more than true

An advocate for the people, a mind blowing footballer, the great Socrates dies aged 57

5 rational reasons for Robin Van Persie to stay at Arsenal

The Dutch Captian might be reluctant to stay on, but he has more reasons to stay than to leave

Usually a serious waste of money

Mega transfers are for spenders, not investors

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