January 2012

What a way to spend £69.5m

Chelsea could have done a lot with what they paid for Fernando Torres

Why is the behavior in the Clasico such a problem?

Real Madrid and Barcelona are not responsible for the game’s wrongs. But they can give it a better face – and they don’t

European football is not making enough money

UEFA’s suits think that the main problem is the rise in operating costs, but the real problem is that European football is just not making enough money

FA justice for all

The FA disciplinary system is a travesty

Top Ten most expensive Brazilians – were they worth it?

Here is a list of the ten highest fees ever payed for a Brazilian player. Were they worthwhile?

The end to the Soccer Embargo

After many years, US major networks have lifted the embargo from free-to-air top level soccer

Profit-based economy will kill football

Clubs are in debt and losing money while private investors are making money from the game

Is the Qatari money on its way to English football?

After investing at least €640 in French football, the Qataris are ready to cross the English Channel

Shop Wenger! Shop!

Shopping can actually make you happy. It also sends out a message

10 potential Wenger replacements

The pros and cons

11 footballers not remembered properly

How will we remember today’s greats if we can’t properly remember the greats?

The cost of chasing Guardiola

Real Madrid has spent €460M during Pep Guardiola’s time at Barcelona. Number of title they won during this time? 1. Something is wrong

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