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Fan owned clubs are doing better on the field than other clubs

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Fan-owned sports clubs are doing better than clubs owned by companies or individuals. The statistics prove that.

In England, for instance, an average football club gets 1.4 points per game. An average supporters-owned club gets 1.65 points per game.

In Austria, a normal football club gets 1.36 points per game. A supporters-owned club gets 1.8 points per game.

In Spain the two biggest football clubs (Real Madrid and Barcelona) are owned by supporters and the other two (Athletic Bilbao and
Osasuna) are doing OK (financially as well).

If we go across the pond we’ll see that the only professional sports club in the USA, the Green Bay Packers, are the best team in the NFL
(richest league in the world) and have 4 championships – Just 3 teams in the NFL won the SuperBowl 5 times.

What does it all say? Well, firstly: Strong communities have a better chance of having a successful team. Second: The supporters are
probably supporting better their team if their team is actually theirs. We also most conclude that clubs owned by their fans are
usually more organized and adaptable. Why? Because the decision making process is based more on doing what’s right for the club and not what’s right for the owner’s ego.

Anyhow, Sports clubs’ main product is the community of fans created around them. If that product is great then the by-product – which is sporting success – will be great. It’s simple really.

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