Cesc doesn’t understand the football industry

Barca and Real might "deserve" to be far ahead but they have no right to kill the competition

Cesc - CC

In the January 2012 FourFourTwo edition, Cesc Fabregas was asked about La Liga turning into the Scottish Premier League.

Cesc answered: “I think it’s a little unfair. If Barcelona and Real Madrid are so far ahead because they deserve to be…If Madrid and Barcelona win it is because they do things better and because they have the best players”.

Cesc might understand football but he doesn’t understand the football industry. And a time when finance explains football more the ever, economic imbalance explains Madrid and Barcelona’s dominance.

Real Madrid and Barcelona might deserve to be better than anyone else, but now they are killing off all chances of teams that want to “do things better” but can’t because they have no financial foundation.

Madrid and Barca are fighting to keep the TV rights deals as it is – negotiated club-by-club because it gives each €125m a year. Valencia, the closest to the two, gets only €42m per year. Some teams get less than €15m. The general income is even more unbalanced. Barcelona and Real Madrid budgets combined are one billion euros. The combined budgets of the rest of La Liga’s 18 teams barely scratches the €900m mark.

If Real’s income is about €500m and Valencia’s is about €100m – it means Real can invest 5 more than Valencia. That means players 5 times better. That means youth team players 5 times better. That means coaches 5 times better and so on. La Liga’s other teams are not as fortunate as bankrupt Valencia. Their income is much less than €100m, €50m, €30m, even less than €15m. That means are 10, 15, 25, 30 times better than them.

It’s an unfair game.

So, dear Cesc: Barca and Real might “deserve” to be far ahead but they have no right to kill the competition.

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