Profit-based economy will kill football

Clubs are in debt and losing money while private investors are making money from the game

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A report by the CIES Football Observatory in Switzerland shows that player recruitment has jumped by almost 17%, or an average of 10 players per club, in just two years. Raffaelle Poli, head of the Football Observatory, pointed to third-party ownership of players as one of the main reasons to the increased activity in the transfer market.

“Third-party ownership is closely related to the level of club debts,” added Poli. “More clubs ­can’t afford to buy the rights and/or salaries of talented footballers. This gives more power to private investors.”

The transfer rights of as many as 1,000 players, or 15 percent of all squads in Europe, may be owned by third parties.

So, Clubs are in debt and bleeding cash while private investors are making money from the game. These private investors make the clubs adopt short-term policies by speculating on the transfer market.

Something is very wrong.

A football club is not a bank, a super market or a soft drink company. Its final product should be football and profit should be just a tool that makes the football better on the the long run. If clubs continue to fall into the hands of profit chasing investors, it’s a clear and present danger to the football industry.

Companies with the sole purpose of making money won’t care about football. If these companies  become even stronger throughout  the world of football, the very fabric of the growing football industry will get hurt.

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