February 2012

It’s Official: Arsenal should be doing better

Arsenal have the resources to challenge big spenders, but then again, there must be a major change in the ideology of a certain French manager in order for that to happen

10 Things Arsenal Could Have Done With Their Huge Profit

Arsenal reported profit of £49.5m for the six months to the end of November – The team could have bought Kun Agüero and still break even. Just saying

The Salfordians

Giggs and Scholes are not “home grown”. They are DNA

A Supporter Is Not A Customer

Without the supporters who come to see the game, who pay for the ticket, watch the game on TV, pay for the channel, who buy the merchandise, etc – without them, there is no professional sports

Who Is The Next Cristiano Ronaldo?

Here are 5 candidates

The non-demise of the EPL

The EPL is not going downhill. It just took a small respite before storming back to the top of the mountain.

Limited Edition

On Lionel Messi’s first 222 goals for Barcelona

Youth VS Money

All over Europe the battle lines have been drawn: It’s youth vs moneybags

Is professional football just about money and winning?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic makes a valid point when he tells Robin Van Persie to leave Arsenal for trophies. However, he is wrong

Real-Barca. The German edition

Dortmund has become the smart, long-term thinking club. Bayern the short-term thinking over-spenders

An in-depth analysis of Arsenal’s situation with clear route to improvement

A life-long Arsenal fan takes a good look at the club

3 things Arsenal must do now

The club is losing the trust of its most important asset – the supporters

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