Real-Barca. The German edition

Dortmund has become the smart, long-term thinking club. Bayern the short-term thinking over-spenders

This is a pivotal season in German football. This was the season where everything was supposed to come together for Bayern Munich – who are hosting the Champions League final. The season when Bayern’s financial muscle will be used decisively to stamp the club’s authority on German football.

Instead Bayern are drifting into the role that Real Madrid has played in the last few seasons in Spain. The rich and less-clever club. Spending and switching managers at alarming pace. While Dortmund assume the Barcelona role: long term thinking, player development, continuity. The club that know what they’re doing.

In reality Bayern are possibly the most failing rich club in Europe.

Real have been losing to another extremely rich club. When Chelsea or Manchester City lose out to Manchester United, it is also against a very rich club in itself. Bayern have been finishing behind clubs like Leverkusen and Wolfsburg.

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