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On Lionel Messi's first 222 goals for Barcelona

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Among all the all time greats – the 10-15 best that played – Lionel Messi is probably the most limited.

In what way limited?

Watch this beautiful clip of of his 222 Barcelona goals.

Number of goals from 25-meters or more : 0 (maybe 2-3 from around this distance).

Diving headed goals: 0.

Full blast volleys: 0.

Overhead bicycle kicks: 0.

God didn’t “give him the lot” – only his lot. Devilish footwork and 3D accuracy. Not only the placement of the ball but also it’s micro-ballistics. That’s all he has. Van Gogh had only a paintbrush.

The other of the equation is that among all the all time greats – the 10-15 best that played – Messi is the most efficient and productive. Does the most with his lot. So “Limited” as in limited edition.

He reminds me of a quote the great Michael Jordan once borrowed from the great baseball star Joe DiMaggio. Which went more or less “play every game assuming there is a kid in the stadium who is watching you for the very first time”. Week after week after week Messi delivers. Almost never lets his fans down.

Which is wonderful quality of a great.

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