March 2012

The search for football’s Billy Beane is on

In the FFP era the competition between clubs will be for the right executives, the right statistics and the right scouts

The Champions League is 50% boring

The two legged knock-out system is old fashioned, passé, bankrupt

Arsenal need only 3-4 players. Really

Arsenal are still missing four main ingredients that will turn them into a trophy winning team

Smaller Leagues = Better Football

Reducing the number of teams in the professional leagues will be good for the game

Beating Man United v. finishing ahead of Man United

The big mistake United’s rivals make – is focusing on beating United rather than having a better league season than the reds

The Future is Here

Football juggernauts aim to become your local clubs

The England Kiss of Death

The bad luck associated with anything that is the England Football team has hit Harry Redknapp very early

John Terry Should Be Chelsea’s Manager

In the jungle of interests and politics that is Chelsea, John Terry is the leader of the pack

Messi – La Máquina

Messi is an efficient machine and that’s a good thing as you can tell by his 234 goals for FC Barcelona

A small piece of advice

Stability, something that money can’t buy, is the only element in a football club that can offer you a good launching pad to stardom

English football must have more sex

What can Brendan Rodgers teach us about Neanderthals and Homo sapiens?

Heart Matters

If you play football at any level, get your heart checked

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