Who is a better owner of a football club?

It is obvious that fans make better owners than businessmen - so why don't the authorities make it compulsory to sell them shares of their club?

FC Barca - spot the owner


Who is a better owner of a football club? A business man that at the end cares about his money and his ego or the supporter, who loves the club, worries about its long term future and is willing to sacrifice a lot to see his club excel?

Now, who would you give the chance to manage a club? To An egoistic owner, who lives off the great publicity from owning a football club or to a community that breathes and lives for the success of the club?

These questions are easy to answer:

Research by A.T. Kearney shows Club owners are after trophy glory, political capital, or the fulfillment of childhood dreams. A research in the Beer Sheva Ben Gurion University in Israel ratifies this. On the other hand, we have already concluded that teams owned by their fans are doing better on the field – as can be seen here. To that you can add that the most profitable and financially healthy league in the world is basically owned by the fans – as can be seen here.

On top of that, the social and sporting advantages of a fan-owned clubs are also highlighted by the success stories of Swansea, AFC Wimbledon, FC United and more.

It is obvious that supporters make better custodians of their club, so  the question is: why don’t the authorities (governments and football associations) make it compulsory for every consortium or benefactor that wants to buy a club to include the sell of a certain percentage of shares to the supporters as part of their bid?

It just makes financial, sporting and social sense.

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