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Stability, something that money can't buy, is the only element in a football club that can offer you a good launching pad to stardom

Eden Hazard - cc

Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham have all contacted Lille to register an interest in Eden Hazard, who is dubbed “the right footed Messi”.

The 21 year old was even jokingly asked by French media if he wants to do his interviews in English or French.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is also a long-time admirer and Real Madrid’s sporting director Zinédine Zidane says he would sign Hazard “with his eyes closed”.

So where should this gem go?

Well, here is a small advice for the young lad. If you want your career to skyrocket – land in a team that promises you stability. The money element shouldn’t be too influential.

If as a young player you land in a club that is set to lose its manager, or a huge club that is never far away from a complete overhaul, you might earn more money than you have ever imagined, but you’ll probably lose your ability to become a genuine superstar.

Industrial harmony, something that money can’t buy, is one of the only elements in a football club that can offer you a good launching pad to stardom.

So the decision is clear: choose stability and become the next Cristiano Ronaldo. Choose money and become the next Alberto Aquilani, Robinho or Denilson.

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  1. k.a.m.310 added these pithy words on April 5, 2012 | Permalink

    which denilson are you talking about??
    if its the arsenal one then he’s not even 25 yet…even liverpool’s lucas took time to adjust..

    however robinho is the perfect example…nasri will soon be added to that list

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