The Champions League is 50% boring

The two legged knock-out system is old fashioned, passé, bankrupt

UCL? Yawn

The two legged knock out system is old fashioned, passé, bankrupt, ceased to be, expired and gone to meet its maker,  it’s stiff,  bereft of life, rests in peace.

The Champions League knock out stages should have the most exciting football games on the planet. However, in the next batch of quarter final games, at least 2 out of 4 are basically dead wood (Bayern Munich – Olympique Marseille and Real Madrid – APOEL Nicosia), while in the other two games have two very clear favorites to go through (Chelsea and Barcelona).

So the question is, why would anyone pay to watch games with predetermined outcomes?

Uefa should cancel the second leg in the knock out stage and the home team should be decided by its record in the group stage.

This will give each knockout game more importance and an irresistible edge, which means each knock out game will be a lot more interesting. More interesting equals more money from TV and sponsors.

The NFL (10 billion dollar business) and The NCAA (1 billion dollar business) are thriving because of  their one-legged knock-out stage system.

The Champions League (1.5 billion dollar business) needs this huge change and then, suddenly, you will see that the boring group stage is turning into a real fight for gaining home advantage in the one legged knock out stage.

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