April 2012

Musings of a Billionaire

Or how to work easily around Financial Fair Play

Walked The Walk

What Cruyff talked about, Guardiola actually did

What’s Next For Pep?

He needs to rest for a year and then join Arsenal

Lack of practice in fighting

Real Madrid and Barcelona don’t practice how to fight, so they lost their most important battles

Why I REALLY want Bayern Munich to beat Real Madrid

Spain is crumbling under debt and financial insecurity, yet Real climb over the debris to reach for the stars. Bayern Munich are in the Champions League semis as a sign of the good health of German football

Barcelona should act now

Barcelona should sign Pep Guardiola to a long term contract

Real Madrid are Winners but…

They should look to learn from Barcelona

The price of possession

Barcelona sacrifice some elements to achieve their extraordinary possession figures. Sometimes it hurts them

Van Persie is Knackered. Help him Wenger!

For the last three games of the season RVP needs a partner to rely on

A return to roots is essential for Real Madrid

In order for Real Madrid to beat Barcelona, they’ll need to draw on the spirit of Di Stéfano

The Last Days of Disco

Most of Chelsea’s players are fighters who are scarifying their bodies for one last chance of collective glory

Professional Time Killers

Wigan decided to kill the game against Arsenal once they took the lead. There should be rules against it

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