Messi, Ronaldo and FIFPro should help Bosman

Players who use the rule named after Jean Marc Bosman earn about €40,000 euros a day while he has to go the Public Centre for Social Action to ask for a benefit of about 800 euros a month

Ronaldo, Messi and Bosman

In 1995, five years after it began, Jean-Marc Bosman’s personal crusade came to an end with the historic ruling by the European Court, a ruling that shifted the power from clubs to players. Bosman’s battle allowed players to work freely within the European Union, and to walk away for nothing at the end of their contracts. This has shifted the balance of power in European football.

The Bosman ruling has resulted in an amazing inflation of players’ wages, and it also allowed footballers to increase their value by threatening to put the Bosman clause into play.

However, Bosman did not enjoy the fruits of his battle.  Since Bosman won his case, he has lost the money he won from his case and has descended into alcoholism, depression and now he’s living on benefits of €800 euros per month.

Players who use the rule named after him earn about €40,000 euros a day!

Football players should show a bit more solidarity and support for the man who battled for their fat pay check.

Mark Van Bommel, Milan’s midfield general, has talked about organizing a charity match for Bosman and a year ago, we at Soccerissue suggested it as well. So let’s be more specific.

How about FIFPro, worldwide representative organization for professional football players, organize an American style All-Star game which will be a charity game with all today’s big stars, played at a big stadium at the end of this season? Bosman and his family will be the benefactors of all profits from this game, so he  can honorably live his life.

And it won’t be just a classic exhibition match full with oldies strolling around the field: The match will an All Star game. Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi, the best players in the world, will be chosen as captains of two teams and they  pick their teams (street style, or even NHL style).

People will defiantly come to watch such a match that in the beginning at least will benefit the man who did so much so they can earn huge salaries.

Later on, this game could be used to raise funds for other important causes.


  1. Surya added these pithy words on April 10, 2012 | Permalink

    Zidane and Ronaldo did it many times.Can’t see any reason why Messi and CR7 can’t do the same.That too for a noble cause whose ultimate benefactors have been primarily EPL and La Liga players.

  2. krishna added these pithy words on April 12, 2012 | Permalink

    bloody fuckers

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